• Concert

Presented by Sex on Drugs

line-up: Mikaeli / Differente / Nick G / Gatori / Noka / OGD / Kuro(dj) / DARA’A


Please note: this event has already taken place

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  • Free for year members

19:00 Doors 19:45 OGD 20:00 NICK G 20:20 DARA'A 20:30 NOKA & GATORI 20:50 DIFFERENTE 21:15 DARA'A 21:25 MIKAELI 21:50 KURO

Sex on Drugs is creative collective that is setting up a night full of English underground hiphop & new wave trap with a raw Punk aesthetic. They love to explore boundaries and challenge conservative cultures. With their outspoken and authentic approach they are fully ready to leave their mark on the scene.

This program is curated by Joshua Kraan of Milk Made, the youth division of the Milky Way. Read more at melkweg.nl/milkmade.

This program is made possible by Fonds21 and Culturefonds

Independent multidisciplinary artist MIKAELI likes to be versatile when it comes to his productions. Predominantly a rapper, he can range from many different genres like scream rap to alternative rock. His lyrics are often socially critical and conscious but he doesn’t shy away from using dark humour and absurdist references in his songs. 

A product by S*x on Dr*gs ‘DIFFERENTE’ is a multi-talented artist and producer bouncing his way up with fresh authentic sounds. Bringing a mix of genres like Hip-Hop, Midwestern Emo, Trap, Rock and Punk. Since 2018 he has already made an appearance with his Dutch alter ego ‘Arnold3m0’. Through the years he has only been shaping himself more and more as a producer, engineer and vocalist. Now he’s on his way to robotically infiltrate this world with his music.

NICK G is an international rapper & singer. With a powerful voice and an aggressive style, he sticks to his roots. Bringing old school Hip-Hop and R&B to the new generation as well as Trap music.

The Amsterdam-based rapper, producer, and songwriter Gatori effortlessly blends witch house, EDM, and Cloud Rap with the occult and mystical. His music can be described as a journey through the darkest corners of the mind, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Prepare yourself for an experience that will take you to the edges of the universe and beyond. Because in Gatori's world, nothing is as it seems, and anything is possible.

OGD, A young hip hop rapper and producer from Amsterdam, influenced by gritty underground sounds, he creates dark and grimey sample-based beats. His music captures the intensity of his surroundings, garnering attention from established artists and producers. With electrifying live performances and a commitment to pushing boundaries, he aims to make his mark on the hip hop world.

Noka is an 18-year-old music artist and producer from Amsterdam who draws inspiration for his music from artists like Future, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane. In addition to this, he also harbours a deep love for the underground rap scene and EDM. He blends all of these influences into a sound that is best described as addictive. It doesn't matter who you are or what you're into; Noka has enough diversity and energy to get an entire room dancing.

In addition to his position as DJ for the Bezeten collective, KURO(DJ) also experiments with 2k16-era plug & trap sound classics during his own sets. The nostalgic trap sound of the past, mixed with a new combination of phonky modern Latin beats and club hits.

As a DJ, DARA'A is a musical chameleon. Like no other, he mirrors the energy the crowd demands. Additionally, he enjoys bringing rare tracks to light in his sets, knowing that the audience will feel them.